Where I wrote #2

I keep telling myself I can’t write or even brainstorm when I run. But this doesn’t stop me trying. Because honestly, you need to distract yourself when you’re running. On Thursday, I had an idea while I was running. This week’s theme for Tania McCartney’s 52 week picture book challenge, is Bucket List.

And as I ran along the pier, I saw some fish in a bucket. And I thought, what if they were writing their bucket list while they were in the bucket? Because I was running, it felt like an epiphany.

Everything feels like an epiphany when you’re running.

I should have a banana smoothie when I get home. Wow! I really should.

See, epiphanies everywhere.

Anyhoo, our power went out that night. Got the kids to bed. Wrote down a few ideas in candlelight. Couldn’t really see what I was writing. Maybe in the light of morning, there’ll be some gems in there.


Next up was half an hour more brainstorming at hockey training. Hockey training is held in a wind tunnel, so was pretty happy that I brought a big jacket AND a blanket. Winning. Pretty much decided what I’ll write about now. Phew!


A whole luxurious hour presented while I waited for the kids at a bowling/laser tag party. And there was a bar. So, glass of wine, bar stool at a window (people watching much? At one stage, I tried to guess people’s names and then wondered if they would work as a fish name), and this story just poured out of me. At least 250 words written. Yeehaaa!


Finally, the fishy bucket story was finished up quite conventionally, at home in front of the fire.

How was your week of writing?

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